Gibson sharpens its new prototype CN

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GH-20, the latest from the CN family Gibson Motorsport, could in the future fill the ranks of the European Proto Endurance Challenge. Some of the potential of the British manufacturer, V de V Sports asked Daniel Gibson to present his new baby.    

Daniel Gibson, son of Paul Gibson, is one of the key figures in the chart of Gibson Motorsport, at once stable and manufacturer specializing in the development of prototypes. Having won many titles with their various cars in recent years, the company decided to focus on new projects, first GH-19 in 2014, and GH-20, approved by CN since 2016 .


Daniel, who is the man behind the name Gibson Motorsport and when she has company founded?

Daniel Gibson: My father Paul started racing in 1977 in the Clubmans series (reserved for prototype engines before) and then F2. He designed his first car in 1981, called Vision, which met with great success in the UK. He has subsequently designed many other cars. Exactly 20, which is why our latest creation was called GH-20.

What convinced Gibson Motorsport to develop a prototype CN?

With our experience of sports-prototypes acquired in Britain, the logical consequence was to join the European level. The logical choice was therefore the CN, to evolve in V de V Endurance Series where we could find a close friend, Robert Bicknell, who designed and runs its own CN (the Bicknell PS7) V V early 2000s with great success, too. He suggested this series, citing its excellent relations with the organizers of V V.

Tell us about the process of design and development of the new GH-20.

GH-19 was not approved by the FIA ​​as CN because of the absence of a metal structure at the front. At the moment of conception, we knew that a non-metallic structure would be an advantage, similar to the LM P2, but it did not meet the CN regulation. So the GH-20 is a profound change in the GH-19, which was able, in good hands, to fight for the victory in the European series, and make great lap in qualifying, as we were able to testify at the meeting of V V in Estoril in 2014. we just had to be approved by CN to score points. GH-20 was designed with the philosophy of a car for production, and to achieve this, we know what we need to improve.

What comparisons can be done with the GH-19?

They are visually very similar, but a trained eye can detect differences. The main changes in the hoop effect at the front and back, but also the area which covers the dampers. The latter was thought to facilitate change of the mechanical elements of the trains before. Under the body, although the locations are respected, it only shares some components with its predecessor. The front adopts such a third mechanical component driven by the anti-roll bar, while it was previously hydraulically. The grip on the front wheels is thus higher at low speeds in the hairpins, which was the low point of the previous. The team finally has designed its own system EPAS (electric steering assistance) because the high levels of support tire very quickly pilots.

Have you solved the problems inherent to the Honda engine vibrations, and what are the strengths of the GH-20?

The previous car was not suffering too much vibration, even though I was not very serene below 3500 rev / min! One of the areas that required improvement on the GH-19 was on the primary exhaust, which tended broke at its base, but also on the alternator. The latter is now set on vibration mounts and has so far suffered any technical failure. The exhaust has also been modified and the results are equally satisfactory.

What was, however, most notably with the GH-19 was the high speed grip compared to its competitors. GH-20 broadly shares the same aero platform and I think we could be to our advantage especially on tracks like Dijon.


Will you just find the gates of the V de V this year?

I‘d love that Gibson GH-20 short in the European Challenge Endurance Proto, but this requires a second pilot to share the driving with me. If we could find one, or two, we would come, for sure.

What is your view on CN tray proposed by V de V Sports? You he motivates find this competition?

This tray is extremely competitive, and the valuable teams. I think of TFT. I am confident we have a car capable of meeting the challenge of competition. I hope we can prove it in 2017!.


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