Motorland Aragon Preview

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See you in Aragon

“For this third V de V Endurance Series meeting of this year, I chose to bring you in Spain on the incredible racetrack of Motorland Aragon, located near Alcañiz, in a gigantic and hilly motorsport complex. The complex hosts every year the Spanish MotoGP and Porsche is finishing its endurance tests before heading to Le Mans test day.

Regarding the track itself, the uphill part of the track and the parabolic curve count among the most interesting parts of the driving there, and will mark the difference, as usual.

A circuit of courage and bravery, in an environment to discover, made with canyons and desert, where were filmed the famed Italian western movies from the seventies.

If you have an additional day or two to spend in this beautiful landscape, do so, like we always do.

The whole V de V team is excited to see you in Aragon, from May the 29th, for three days of races as intense as in Mugello!”

Eric van de Vyver

4 Hours V de V Endurance GT/Tourism :

This is the big question of the moment. After the disappointment of having a engine break-down in Mugello for the Porsche 997, IDEC Sport Racing will be back in Aragon. Don’t count them out : they are the last V de V winner in Spain ! But who knows if the winning Ferrari 458 Visiom from Tuscany will be able to carry its momentum from Italy to Spain? Other challengers expected : the two Spaniards Mosler MT900, the Mercedes SLS and the Audi R8 should find there a racetrack that perfectly fits their qualities.

6 heures V de V Endurance Proto :

Will Ligier fight back ?

The absolute craziness of Mugello’s race caused by rain, with its totally unexpected final result will remain as a season highlight. After all, this is what endurance racing is all about, right? Any mistake is paid cash on track and the most serious teams sometimes get the best reward than the most serious ones. The shinning Norma CD Sports #33 driven by Dannielou/Maulini/Wolff is ready to roar like it did in Italy and aims for

another podium. Now, it is time for the Ligier teams to fight back and get back on the top spots they left after Barcelona. IDEC Sport Racing, Graff and Ultimate, are you ready ?

Single seaters :

RC Formula above the pack

In Formula Renault also, The Aragon meeting promises a few battles. If Alexey Chuklin and David Droux consistently shared the top spots in Italy, let’s not forget that Riccardo Cazzaniga, the GSK Grand Prix top driver, is getting closer and closer and won’t settle for a third place for too long. On this perfect high speed track, there is only one certainty : the fight will be sumptuous and the single-seaters winners will be great winners.

Sprint CN:

Anybody to beat Delomier and Houllier ?

On the three sprints at Mugello, those two crossed the finish line with an average of 15 seconds advance. It is very difficult to guess who could beat those two drivers in the upcoming weeks. Even though, Damiani, Robineau, Tessier and Camboulive were able to do some really good laps during the races, will they find enough speed in Aragon to beat one of them from time to time ? We will have the answer in less than ten days, on a spectacular and exciting racetrack.


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